Friday, July 15, 2011

Beyond Method # 7: Next Generation Presentations

I had so much fun with this unit. I knew about sites such as Pretzi and Sliderocket, but I never had made time to play with them. I read the PC Magazine article that rated all these sites, and they chose Sliderocket as the star. So...that's the site I played with.

I did have some trouble manipulating and getting used to Sliderocket. I started a library orientation presentation that I could use at work. What frustrated me most was figuring out how to give credit when I used Flickr Creative Commons photos. Finally, by chance, I noticed that if you put your cursor in a certain place, the credit will come up. I also had some trouble figuring out how to change the color of fonts and backgrounds, but I finally did. I like how easy the site makes it to add transitions. I also like that you can go right to Flickr from the site.

I plan to play with the site more and to possibly finish my orientation presentation. I can see a use for Next Gen Presentations to spice up the routine, probably boring, Power Points I often use in class. I would feel comfortable recommending Sliderocket to others.

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