Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beyond Method # 4: Job Seeking in the Library

I was impressed with all the resources available, and especially with the Texas Workskills Development in Libraries website. It's convenient for job seekers to have resources in one place. Before I was a librarian, I was a career/community college counselor, and times sure have changed. I'm not sure I'd know how to navigate the online job-seeking environment today, but I would learn.

I explored Goodwill's site with basic computer tutorials. The modules are interesting and fairly well done, but I would guess that the reading level is approximately 6th grade. For some job seekers, this level may be too difficult. Also, the modules I looked at were not interactive. If I were not computer literate, this site would help, but I would feel overwhelmed. For me, a hands-on course or interactive learning material would be better.

I explored several job search sites, focusing on ones with Texas jobs. is helpful, but I had to refine and narrow my search several times before I got relevant results. When I didn't refine my search well, I put education and received sales and technical jobs that stated: "education" required. is good for people willing to relocate, but I did not find much in my home town.

I work in a school library but have worked in a public library in the past. I like that in some states public librarians cross-train with the work force division. Many people looking for jobs start at the library, and librarians need to be informed.

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