Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thing # 19: Web 2.0 Awards

I explored a health site that won first place: Revolution Health. After a while, I ended up on another site, Every Day Health, and I was totally confused. I learned later that two companies have recently merged.

I was impressed with both sites, but especially with Every Day Health. Using the site is like having open access to a medical clinic. You can learn about your condition from medical experts and published, approved articles. You can explore drug benefits and side effects and even see what the brand name drug looks like. You can find healthy recipes (many needed 8-10 ingredients), watch short videos on topics such as Migraine Headaches, listen to podcasts, use tools such as Games for Fit Brains, read blogs written by doctors, and join a discussion or support group. This looks like a good place for the public to begin learning about a condition. Those who want more depth may need to go elsewhere. There are drug and drugstore adds everywhere, but that's the price of free.

Revolution Health has many similar features but a few distinct ones. The site features a store where you can buy medicines and medical supplies: the prices seem about average. The site also includes a medical record section where you can store all your medical information in one place; Revolution Health states that the site is confidential. The drug section includes several unique features. You can look up a drug and estimate estimate the cost (there's a dollar sign rating scale). You also can look up a condition, see what drugs are frequently prescribed, and read user feedback about each medication.

As the p.r. article states, together these two sites provide a "powerhouse" of information. Who knew all this was available at one Web address?

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