Monday, August 3, 2009

Thing # 14: Technorati and How Tags Work

Technorati seems a good place to take a snapshot of popular culture. I learned several pieces of celebrity gossip that I can't or prefer not to print here. I also learned that Jessica Simpson has a new, feminine lingerie line and that today California paid vendors, taxpayers, and local governments in IOU's today instead of cash. Banks seem hesitant to take the IOU's that are set to be repaid in Oct. at 3.75 percent interest.

One can find information about almost anything on Technorati, but your search terms really do matter. When I searched School Libraries, any language, I received 19,685 hits. When I entered Elementary School Libraries, English, and with some authority, I retrieved 1,103 hits. Changing this to Elementary School Libraries, English, and a lot of authority, I now received 82 hits. School Libraries yielded different results than schoollibraries. I would advise users to choose search terms carefully and to experiment with variations of the terms such as children's books and childrensbooks.

For me, the tagging element is a plus. I especially like the Tag Clouds which tell you the most recent popular searches.

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