Monday, August 3, 2009

Thing # 16: Wikis

Wikis are a phenomenal tool. I see so many uses for them: writing joint papers or books, planning projects, working on committees, sharing professional resources with teachers and other librarians, sharing curriculum resources with teachers or students, developing student projects, sharing student projects, and on and on. I love that one can add links as well as videos, photos, and podcasts. I remember the lengthy syllabi professors handed us in college and grad school. No more...students can view a wiki instead, and professors can update the wiki if they change requirements. Even a few years ago, when I took an online MLS class, we had to read separate posts to view student projects. Now students can find everything on one page!

I plan to start a wiki for my teachers related to curriculum resources. I've already registered on pbwiki (the free part). I need to watch more Atomic videos to learn about setting up the site. I am thrilled that you can set up a wiki page in just a few minutes!

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